Thank You

Barriere Fire Rescue would like to thank everyone who as made our Forestry fire fighting happen!

We have had trucks and crew out now for almost 2 months from Kamloops, Sun Peaks and White Rock Lake fire. These dedicated people have given up family time and special events to help protect others. Crews are still continuing to help and will till we are not needed. We want to thank all the members and their families for their dedication. Either on the fire lines or at home protecting our own community. You are a great group of men and women and thank you for all you do. Thank you to the District of Barriere for your support in these efforts.

Big Thank you to our neighbors departments!!

Chu Chua Volunteer department, for all the help with mutual aid and send personal to help on the fire lines. You all are a great asset and friends to us. We have a great relationship and look forward to growing together in the future.

McLure Volunteer Fire department, for helping with personal on the fire line. Looking forward to building better ties as we all move forward.

We will continue to help where and when we can and Thank you to everyone who is supporting us in our mission.

Volunteer Firefighters Wanted!!

Fire Danger High

Fire Danger High

The high temperatures and dry conditions have increased the Fire Danger Rating back to High, please use extreme caution to prevent any ignition sources!
High: Forest fuels are very dry and the risk is serious. New fires may start easily, burn vigorously, and challenge fire suppression efforts. Extreme caution must be used in any forest activities.
Campfires measuring 0.5m x 0.5m are still permitted at this time provided you have a source of water on hand to extinguish the fire quickly.
Thanks for your cooperation and stay safe!

Fire Restrictions

Due to hot and dry conditions in the Barriere Fire District, only campfires that meet the BC Open Fire Regulations will be permitted until further notice.
We want everyone to have a safe and happy long weekend!
BC Open Fire Regulations

Backyard Burning Tips


Tips for Safe Debris Burning

  • Comply with Local Regulations:
    Contact your local fire department in advance to confirm that burning is allowed and to find out whether a permit is required to burn debris.
  • Check the Weather Forecast
    Weather fluctuations, such as sudden gusts of wind, could make debris burning spark a wildfire. Call your local fire department the day you plan to burn debris to finalize that the weather is safe enough to burn.
  • Choose a Safe Burning Site
    A safe site will be far away from power lines, overhanging limbs, buildings, automobiles, and equipment. It will have vertical clearance at least three times the height of the pile, as heat from the fire extends far past the actual flames that you see.It will have horizontal clearance twice the height of the debris pile.
  • Prepare the Site Correctly:
    The ground around the burn site should be surrounded by gravel or mineral soil (dirt) for at least ten feet in all directions. Keep the surrounding area watered down during the burn.
  • If using a Burn Barrel, Make Sure it is Equipped with the Proper Features
    Burn Barrels must be made of all-metal construction in good condition (no rust on the sides or bottom) and properly ventilated with three evenly-spaced, three-inch square vents spaced evenly around the rim near ground level. Each vent must be backed by a metal screen. A Burn Barrel must have a metal top screen with mesh size of one-fourth inch or finer to keep sparks from escaping and potentially sparking a wildfire. When burning, layer the different types of debris and stir often. Be careful of sparks escaping the barrel when you stir it.
  • Remain With your Fire
    Stay with your fire until it is completely out. To ensure the fire has been completely extinguished, drown the fire with water, turn over the ashes with a shovel and drown it again. Repeat several times. Check the burn area regularly over the next several days and up to several weeks following the burn, especially if the weather is warm, dry, and windy.
  • Keep it Legal
    It is illegal to burn plastic, tires, and most other waste products not from a tree or shrub.

First Responder Level 3 Training


Fire Hydrant Maintenance


Wild-land Fire Smoke Forecast

Wondering where the smoke is coming from and how bad or long it will be in the area?

Check out the fire smoke website to see where the smoke is coming and going!

Please Click Here Fire Smoke

Wildland smoke

Feb 19th Fire Practice

Feb 19th at 730pm we were at the community park doing a exercise on radio communication which had our members finding points that were marked and having to radio in for the next clue. The points went through the ball parks into the elementary school yard and then back out again. We felt it was a good area to practice in due to the rash of slash pile burns that haven’t been authorized to show we are out watching our community!

Barriere First Responders FR Course


FR COURSE-page-001


If you would like to take the course to volunteer with Barriere First Resonders show up on the first monday of the month at 7pm at the fire hall or contact them at [email protected] to have course costs worked out for you. If you would like to expand your skill sets contact the names on the poster thanks!