Burning Permit

Barriere Fire Bylaw- SCHEDULE “E”

Outdoor Fires –

Industrial/Commercial and Lot Clearing In accordance with the Environmental Management Act Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation and Ministry of Forests and Range Wildfire Regulation, open fires are permitted under certain conditions, although it is not encouraged. Those intending to clear lots or undertake industrial/commercial burns are asked to reuse or recycle as much organic and wood waste as possible, instead of burning it.

Care is to be taken at all times to ensure that open burning does not occur during periods of atmospheric inversion, or when local weather conditions would be adversely impacted by smoke and air-borne particulates from open burning.

Open burning in close proximity to schools, care facilities, and adult and child care facilities is discouraged and other options for disposing of burnable waste should be considered. Refer to the Environmental Management Act Open Burning Smoke Control Regulations.

1. Burning is permitted between dawn and dusk during the period established by the Fire Chief. Open burning is banned within the District of Barriere if the Ministry of Forests and Range have a burning ban imposed.

2. Any person who lights a fire to clear a lot for development, or for the purpose of yard clean up in a commercial or industrial area needs to obtain a permit, and will observe the following conditions:

(a) the piles of materials to be burned shall not be larger than 5 meters by 5 meters and shall not be more than 5 meters high:

(b) the fire shall be not less than 5 meters from any log, stumps, snag, standing tree or other vegetation; (

c) the fire shall be at lest 15 meters from any slash, other flammable debris or any structure;

(d) a fuel break shall be constructed around the burn area, or each debris pile;

(e) the person responsible for the burn shall take all necessary precautions to ensure the fire is contained within the burn area;

(f) while the fire is burning and there is a risk of the fire escaping, the person responsible for the fire shall ensure that the fuel break is maintained, a fire suppression system is available at the burn area (of a type and with a capacity adequate for fire control if the fire escapes), the fire is watched and patrolled by a person to prevent the escape of fire and the person is equipped with at least one fire fighting hand tool, and the fire does not exceed the capacity of the persons, fire fighting tools and heavy equipment on site for timely action to prevent any fire from escaping; and have immediately available some means of communication to alert the owner and or the Fire Department in case assistance is required.

(g) if a fire spreads beyond the burn area or otherwise becomes out of control, the person responsible for the fire must carry out fire control immediately, extinguish the fire if practicable, and as soon as practicable, report the fire to the Fire Department;

(h) the following material must not be included with debris that is burned; tires treated lumber plastics railway ties drywall manure demolition waste rubber domestic waste asphalt asphalt products paint hazard waste fuel & lube containers tar paper biomedical waste

(i) the lighting or fueling of a fire during any period of winds strong enough to cause sparks or other burning material to land in any combustible material in the vicinity is prohibited;

(j) a person carrying out a burn as a result of an industrial activity or land clearing must make available to fight the fire sufficient heavy equipment, fire suppression systems, workers and fire fighting hand tools to control the fire.

(k) the person responsible for the fire shall ensure the fire is extinguished by the date specified by the Fire Chief or person who issued the burning permit. Any person who contravenes these regulations is subject to the penalties provided in this Bylaw.

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